Kalogirou Fall/Winter 2019, L’Appartement

For the Fall/Winter 2019 season, renowned Greek brand Kalogirou presents a campaign of high aesthetic value emphasising on timelessness and luxury. A “visual melody” drawing from European cinema and the French Nouvelle vague, unfolds through the lens and art direction of leading Greek photographer Yannis Bournias.

As the leading high-end shopping destination in the Greek market, Kalogirou creates an identity that conveys its values to its fashion-conscious audience. Escaping the narrow confines of a linear narrative, the images hint to cinematic stills that narrate stories of a city with no beginning, middle or end.

As chaotic and unconventional as the birth of a great love story or a unique idea, these ‘top floor’ scenarios, the whispers and music that echo in the neoclassical building, find a woman and man with timeless style and incomparable elegance in the heart of Athens, as told in magazine ads and the Fall/Winter 2019 video.

Akzidenz-Grotesk is used for all typography; the Kalogirou logo is set in Avenir. Photography by Yannis Bournias.