Fred & Felia Rebranding

When their dog Jeannie fell ill Beate and Tobi dove deep into the topic of pet food an how it can help improve a dog’s health – when done right. At the beginning that meant a lot of home cooked meals for Jeannie. There was just nothing in the market that met their criteria for healthy dog food. That’s why in 2018 the two founded „Mr. Fred“ – a brand centered around human grade dog food with veterinary experience. As „Mr. Fred“ was joined by his cat friend „Felia“ in 2022 and therefore became „Fred & Felia“ it was also time for a redesign and rebranding. This is what the new brand is all about:

The first look into your pets eyes and that was it, right? Love at first sight. We can relate. But this is just where the adventure begins. Over hill and dale through thick and thin, from now on you walk side by side. Your relationship grows – as does your pet. And you keep your promise: To do everything you can to make your pets life happy, long and healthy. We can relate.

This pet-centric approach is translated into the design by making pet illustrations the hero of the brand. Overall the look is colorful, bold and straight-forward – like the joy and love pets bring into our lives. And with food shots as tasty as in a human cook book there is no doubt about the quality of the food. Limited editions such as the travel-themed cooperation with German top chef Tim Raue and the 2022 Christmas edition add even more joy to the brand. Another highlight is the wet food coming in a Tetra Recart® – which improves the CO2 footprint by 80% compared to a tin.

Project Scope: brand strategy / positioning / messaging / design concept / creative direction / art direction / branding / packaging / communication assets

Client: FRED & FELIA
Illustration: Susann Hoffmann
Photography: Johannes Tauras
Photography Tim Raue: Image47 / Anna-Lena Ehlers
Copy: Stefano Sciolti