Alicante Sans font family

Alicante Sans, a modern font family, consists of 8 weights (Thin, Extra Light, Light, Book, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black) and Italic for each format. Alicante Sans was named after the beautiful Alicante city in Spain.

Alicante Sans is the perfect font family for text, headlines, corporate design, communication design, graphic design, branding, packaging, publishing and web use. Each font contains a set of 956 characters, supporting 212 different languages. The letters of the font family have clear shapes, which significantly improves the readability of even long texts. Finally, the font family has 24 OpenType features and a large number of stylistic alternatives. Each Alicante Sans font has been manually hinted to ensure excellent web and desktop performance. The font family is available as OpenType Fonts and TrueType Fonts.