Topological James Joyce or Visual Fable on

‘Topological James Joyce or Visual Fable on Finnegans Wake’

This is the title of my book on James Joyce.

Looking for publisher for my art research and philosophy book on James Joyce.

This will be an art book with my own research (German/English) and 120 artworks dedicated to James Joyce.

I’m interested in finding a suitable agent and publisher abroad and would appreciate your suggestion.

My research is available at the following links:
Topology, Homeomorphism and Literature: Topological James Joyce – Finnegans Wake

Iconography of Finnegans Wake (A Visual fable on James Joyce’s novel Finnegans Wake)

From Hegel’s Topological Notion of Multiplicity (Topological notion of Qualitative quantity) to The Topological James Joyce (Finnegans Wake) Philosophical Topology Fragments in writings and arts

Joyce without Hegel and Vico without Hegel

A Topological Approach to Reading Practices in the Digital Age: Topological Reading and Drawing as Topological Reading

My PhD thesis in philosophy is “Topological (in) Hegel”