Stay Home Poster

Following the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, Poster Jam’s monthly challenge featuring the word “Home” took on new dimensions. This poster was widely circulated on the web and submitted to various Covid-related design initiatives around the world. The light blue colour marks a health and hygiene emergency by closely relating to the colour used for water, sterilisation and hygiene representations.

The poster’s visual impact is subtle while eliciting reliability, acceptance and safety to the viewer. For conveying the message, the widely recognisable font Helvetica is applied on a large scale. Its use relates to the simplicity of the instruction, communicated on a global level, calling for vigilance and adherence. The illustration of crossed arms, found in the letter B of Typefesse Pleine, represents the body part that should be thoroughly disinfected according to state instructions. The gesture of crossing arms can be seen as defensive body language while the form of the letter is reminiscent of a house roof or a bird’s wings, both referencing the notion of safety.