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QR ARt code design::digital transformation is design boutique for customized original art and design of QR Codes and personalized QR Code marketing.

We’re offering our customers QR expertise
to all things concerning the right usage of QR Codes.

Besides that, we’re the people behind QR professional marketing platform
for targeted QR Code Management (Campaigns, editable QR Codes etc.)

We design and produce digital QR Art projects,
and realize direct printing on paper, canvas, glass, pvc, plexiglas, metal, etalbond, wood, mdf and textile.

We develop digital art content for your digital LCD boards.

Our digital QR and AR expertise and artistic design allows for a great deal of flexibility and delivers the so-desired digital insight with varied individuality of the design for your projects, fashion and interior.
We utilize QR and AR codes in your projects, services, in business or home décor and fashion.
QR codes in fashion is the topos, where technology meets style, QR codes on clothing are here with our smart QR Art clothes in line with the future of wearable.

QR ARt by bo.risувам
is label @ trademark and copyright of the artist
Borislav Dimitrov a.k.a. Boris Wake

Boris is visual artist, philosopher and lawyer,
engaged in legal consulting & legal auditing services,
eDiscovery document review,
blockchain applications in law and auditing, smart contracts.


Borislav Dimitrov a.k.a. Boris Wake

Boris graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski “, lawyer by education, philosopher and artist by vocation. His doctoral dissertation is “Topological (in) Hegel”, at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Sofia University. In 2014-2015 he specializes in Philosophy of Science for Social Science, Lund, Sweden. He worked as an e-Discovery Document Review Lawyer in London, UK.

Boris lived and worked for ten years in Canada. It is in Toronto that he began his studies and his series on James Joyce – “Icon-o-graphy in Visual Fables on Finnegans Wake”. In Toronto, Boris worked at one of the leading printmaking centers Open Studio mainly in engraving, intaglio, etching, drypoint techniques.
Boris has presented his work in Kuwait, Frankfurt, Prague, Belgrade, Brussels, Toronto, Malmö, Lund, Copenhagen.

In 2014-2015, in Malmö, Sweden, he presented his research project “The Topological Notion of Metalepsis in Visual Art / Topological Philosophy in and through Art Research and Visual Art Work: Topological Speaking, Seeing, Thinking, Drawing” From Hegel’s topological notion of multiplicity to topological James Joyce (Finnegans Wake).

The project “Icon-o-graphy in Visual Fables on Finnegans Wake”, Boris presented in Sofia in 2014 in the gallery “205 ProArte” (today “The Small Art Gallery”) and in 2015 in Sweden, the University of Lund the second project ‘Metalepsis: Topologically Speaking, Seeing, Thinking and Drawing ‘.

In 2018 in Sofia he presents his works in two solo exhibitions – “The Wall” at Lik Gallery and “Tetrada” at the Gallery “Bulgaria” Hall of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. The “Tetrada” Exhibition is again dedicated to James Joyce, with additional new works on Jonathan Swift and Samuel Beckett. In “Tetrada”, Boris presents his graphics with built-in QR and AR codes with augmented reality and digital continuation and content. When scanning, the code takes the viewer to the “Peony Fine Art Collective Media Portal”, which offers content – texts and research, music, and films related to artwork.

Boris is the initiator of the platform “Digital Bozurishte City” – Hub for Culture, Knowledge, Education, Business and the creative team “Peony Fine Art Collective Media Portal” – post-physical shared exhibition space and Crypto Art Gallery.

Boris is also working in the field of digital media. He is interested in the interaction between art and blockchain technology and developed series of QR (quick response) digital prints associated with “Peony Fine Art Collective Media Portal”, through blockchain platforms like “Ascribe” and “ArtByte”.

Boris supports content in media portal that is updated periodically so that new scan art QR print viewer or owner of artwork can liaising with digital content behind the work, while access to post comments and offers content. Thus the relationship between the creator of the work of art with the viewer or the new owner of the work becomes a dialogue.

His prints featured in the exhibits also have their digital sequel to blockchain technology, defined as the new crypto renessance, which, in addition to its purpose to transfer cryptocurrency, can store and convey content.

Boris believes that, along with areas such as economics, finance, audit and law, blockchain brings revolutionary changes to art and especially to its digital forms.

Boris is the author of the cover of the collection “Ireland-Europe – Cultural and Literary Encounters”, published in 2017 by the University Publishing House “St. Kliment Ohridski “.

In addition, he is presented in the catalogue “Bulgarian Illustration”.