Lupinion – coffee with an opinion

Creating ‚Lupinion – coffee with an opinion‘ has been a flavorful journey. The brand was born out of the belief in the good life – one with happiness and enjoyment, just as with a responsible and conscious attitude towards others and the environment. Knowing that coffee production is facing increasing strain due to changing climate conditions, all while our coffee consumption continues to rise worldwide, Lupinions’s founder Susanne decided to look for a more timely and responsible way to enjoy our daily brew. And she did: Lupin coffee. Which also happens to be really delicious!
As a brand with such a strong mission, Lupinion’s branding and design needed to reflect exactly that: From the opinionated naming and the strong colors to the bold and colorful imagery, as well as the very vocal icon-style signs communicating the brands key-messages and benefits, everything is aimed towards a confident appearance ready to to bring a breath of fresh air to the world of coffee.