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Lyrical and captivating: The art of animation by Studio Desk

In the current issue of PAGE 11.2022 we portray Emily Downe and Kathrin Steinbacher. In their Studio Desk in London they transform digital images into painterly and metaphorical films.

Here are the amazing films of Studio Desk and also solo projects of Emily Downe and Kathrin Steinbacher. They don’t shy away from difficult, abstract and personal topics and make our inner lives visible:

»Intentions« for the dating-app Badoo:


»Diwali« for World Remit’s money service:


»Sitting on Recycling« for the Victoria & Albert Museum:


»Designing the Mitticool Refrigerator« for the Victoria & Albert Museum:


Nobody Stands Nowhere von Emily Downe:


»In Her Boots« from Kathrin Steinbacher:


All films from Studio Desk here, all films from Emily Downe here, all works from Kathrin Steinbacher here.


Produkt: PAGE 2022-06
PAGE 2022-06
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