SWING VR is an interactive VR-installation that makes a dream come true: the dream of flying.

It uses a swing as a physical component with a virtual reality headset. This innovative combination of technology enhances the swinging experience with virtual reality and creates an unique immersive adventure in a crafted watercolored world. This world starts with being grey and desolate. While the player is lifting into the air, this world becomes more and more colorful. In the end, after a journey through the skies and to the universe, the player safely lands back at his starting point – but now everything is colorful and alive.

SWING VR innovates in a number of areas. Combining VR technology with physical interfaces is a largely unexplored, especially combining physical motion with virtual sensations. That leads to interesting questions regarding the medical impact that carefully designed VR experiences can have on humans and their physiological and psychological state. We found that a lot of people reported being delighted and more happy after having the sensation of flying through the fantastic world that SWING provides.
Also, SWING gives a wide audience of people easy access to the new medium Virtual Reality – not only in a technical sense, but seeing what experiences can be achieved using this new art form. Altogether, about fifty thousand people all over the world tried SWING by now: most of them had the first contact with virtual reality.

Partner: Thi Binh Minh Nguyen

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Christin Marczinzik

3D Art, Interaction Design
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