Sound Meets Food

Title: Sound Meets Food
Design: Florentine Maréchal
Photography: Florentine Maréchal
Illustrations: Florentine Maréchal
Text: Prof. Charles Spence, Oxford University
Year: 2016

What if I would tell you that sounds can change
the taste of the food you eat? According to
Charles Spence, Professor at Oxford University
sounds plays an important role in the multisensory
flavour perception. Come with me on a tasty journey
through the world of food and let’s broaden the
multisensory horizon. ‘Sound Meets Food’ is a
colourful hotchpotch of Charles Spences publications,
which comes along with an interactive recipes book.
Turn your kitchen into a lab and proof Charles’
theories. Cook some yummy dishes, scan the
QR Code which is linked to a sound and
start your experiment.

Send me a mail to get a free PDF copy.

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