concept for design process // master first semester

CRE4TE is a complex design process. It is based on the extended definition of “design” and thus defines the solution-oriented process. Its goal is to change something existing in order to create something new. The developed design process is applicable to a wide range of team sizes, starting situations and industries.

4 x create, design and succeed. The concept is based on the combination of two loops and includes four different phases. Methods and tools help to successfully pass through the phases. After each phase one returns to the center to gather information and record solutions.

The world of work and also the everyday life is increasingly characterized by digitization. This leads to monotony and boredom. The result is lower performance, frequent fatigue and lack of concentration. CRE4TE offers the analog change. You have to take the process into your own hands and interact actively. The haptic molecular modeling is supplemented with a digital application.