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Mit Lego die Welt retten


er spanische Artdirektor Chacho Puebla hat eine Flotte von Weltrettungsmaschinen entwickelt.

Die Wege, die Welt zu retten sind nach Meinung von Chacho Puebla vielfältig. Der erste Schritt: Nicht nur denken, sondern auch machen. Und so entwickelte der Artdirektor, bekannt für seine Grandmother Tips, einen ganzen Fuhrpark an Maschinen, mit denen die Welt geheilt werden kann – und die Menschen gleich mit.

Aus Lego gebaut, sind sie mehr als nur Objekte, sondern regen vielmehr die eigene Denkmaschinerie an, laden zur Auseinandersetzung ein – und zum handeln.

Die Ideen reichen dabei von einem Helikopter, der Radiowellen aussendet, die die Begeisterung fürs Lernen vervielfacht, einer Pflanzenmaschine, die den Boden mit wachstumsfördernden Humus-Strahlen versorgt (und von einer Zypresse mit Fahrerlaubnis gesteuert wird), einem Chancen-Regulator, der Benachteiligten die gleichen Möglichkeiten wie Priviligierten verschafft oder der Giftdusche, die Zellen reinigt und den Dreck mit Wassermelonenduft verpuffen lässt.

Hier sind sie:

The Ray Plant: This vehicle studies the earth below it and emits a fertilizing ray, which immediately generates seeds capable of producing plants or trees, depending on the soil. This process is fed by CO2, which is breathed out by all types of animals. More trees means more air for us to breathe. The vehicle will be driven by a Cypress with the necessary licence for heavy machinery.
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Gasehicle: As the name suggests, this vehicle runs off gases. Produced by its own driver, that is. The fuel is mostly made up of vegetables, although that obviously depends on each driver’s stomach, and the vehicle can reach speeds of up 80Km/h with a propulsion of 1 F/h.* CO2 emissions are non-existent and the fuel has a faint smell of lavender. A nice way to slow down global warming, don’t you think? *Yes, that’s Farts per hour. What did you think it was? 
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Money Tree Converter: What this vehicle does is convert normal trees into ones that generate money. How does it work? It’s simple – a radar locates people with more than € 1,000,000  in their back accounts, and using Wi-Fi, turns the excess money into seeds from which trees capable of generating € 10,000  grow. Giving an opportunity to the whole population, and making sure that subsidies aren’t only for a lucky few.
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Reciprocal Ray: This ray, which can be mounted on any type of vehicle, instantly produces the sensation of feeling what others feel, through our actions. For example, if I treat somebody badly, I will also feel his or her pain. If I do not listen or understand your point of view, I also feel your frustration. The best thing about this apparatus is that it works between genders, meaning that men can feel what women feel like when they are undervalued and given fewer opportunities. 
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Rain Maker: Just as its name implies, the Rain Maker makes it rain over a 25km radius. There is one complication, however, it only works when it’s absolutely necessary. It can’t be used excessively, as people might think. It has a sensor which measures the region’s need for water, and makes it rain for the required time, without a single drop wasted. The water that is produced, aside from helping fertilization, contains the components to constantly improve infant nutrition.
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Opportunities Regulator: This small, but powerful apparatus creates opportunities. Yes, not just for those who had the good fortune to be born on the right side of the hemisphere, but for everyone. It analyses the desire a person has to grow and it creates an opportunity for them, connecting them with people who would like to invest in them. Not people looking for extra profit, just those who want to help. It works by connecting people by mouth.
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Ego Distiller: This simple apparatus helps people to cleanse their ego until it becomes something good for everyone. But why is something good for everyone any good for me? Because we are all connected, in one way or another, today or tomorrow. How does it work? By extracting all the superficial things that feed your ego as you move upwards. When you reach the top, all that’s left is the true you. With your fears and doubts, if you want to show them. It keeps you up until you want it to. And if you don’t want to show everything, you get down and you’re left full of questions again.
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Atmosphere Irrigator: This is a simple apparatus that can be connected to any type of vehicle and which gives off cells that feed off toxics in the environment, thus reducing contamination. These cells destroy themselves after having eaten all of the toxic substances. And, when they disappear, they emit a watermelon flavour bubble-gum smell.
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Forward Kicker: What this apparatus does is send out a wave which makes us think about whether what we are doing is helping humanity advance together, or only as individuals. How does it work? Easily, through a brain wave which asks us: is what you’re doing right now helping us grow as human beings, or is it taking us backwards? Do you think that treating a woman as inferior takes us forward or backward? The more questions that are asked, the more is learnt. And the more you learn, the more you choose, even when its better to ask the questions quicker or slower.
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The double side tractor: It’s OK to be angry, because often it leads to you wanting to improve things. What isn’t OK is hurting other people. What makes this machine powerful is using anger to fuel a vehicle that facilitates understanding between people. It detangles brainwaves that generate anger and intertwines them creating a state where both parties understand each other’s point of view. Once this happens, violence is cancelled out.
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Filterpipe 4000: An apparatus that filters water, converting any type of water into the most nutritionally enriched, drinkable water. The technology of purifying any type of water already exists, but what makes this apparatus so fantastic is that it pumps freely from any type of public water network.
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Mega DJ-ator: Music has the capacity to arouse people’s emotions like no other art can. What this machine does is send out a frequency that fuses to your DNA, helping you to establish an emotional balance. The music guides you towards your own nirvana, where you can find enlightenment and happiness, taking you away from that desire to feel sorry for yourself. The best of all is that whoever puts the music on also feels the effects. It runs off smiles.
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Heli-Educator: This kind of helicopter has the capacity to transmit waves which encourage reading, in turn raising people’s education levels. These waves produce a certain addiction, which can only be placated by reading at least ten pages daily. The Heli-Educator works using solar panels and has a flight range of 23 hours.
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Job Browser: This machine has the ability to track unemployed people and, using a mini DNA studio, offer them their ideal jobs. It doesn’t assign them, but helps them choose at the start, establishing an affinity in the process. The result is connected to the global database, which allows people to be assigned to different places in the world and, as such, maintain a global community of happy workers.
Bild: Chacho Puebla
The Accessory Critic: In truth, this is an accessory that could be added to any of the other machines presented here. What it does is feed off the criticisms that the machines suffer on social networks or any other type of forum. It analyses the comments to see whether they are constructive or destructive and carries out the necessary adjustments. It possesses an open source system to allow it to be constantly improved upon.
Bild: Chacho Puebla

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