Volatile, Animation, 2021

Homeostasis is a recent project that originated in connection with an open call. The artist MaggZ was looking for collaborators for her project “volatile — to explore the process of rapid deterioration and the return of homeostasis“. After a week of research and creating visuals with people from differend creative fields the outcome is a mix of poetry, sound, dance, 3D landscapes, symbols and abstract shapes all intertwined in a short video. The main theme of the work was a mix of the romantic world view , the relationship between humanity and nature, the human existence in the universe and trying to find our inner oasis in isolation.

Made in collaboration with Felix Neumann, Antonia Gangi, MaggZ and Johanna Invrea. Full article on Collide24.

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Sandra Britz

3D Art, Animation, Design, Motion Design
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