Platzhalter des Nichts II (Placeholder of nonentity)

Platzhalter des Nichts (Placeholder of nonentity)

Anna Siggelkow deciphers places and transfers them into a new context. She shows a flattened world between figuration and abstraction. Objects clearly defined in their function develop a strange life of their own. They seem to play a role in an important and on the other hand absurd spectacle – a 2D vision without reference to a third dimension or a meta-level. The images suggest a world with a post history perspective. The mortal human body finds no place in a world of things. Hence, one searches in vain for patina, and if so, it seems to be deliberately added rather than being part of a weathering.

Anna Siggelkow questions the human endeavour to assign a clear function to things. She is concerned with the design of spaces and the relationship of people to objects.

2020 Shortlisted for the Athens Photo Festival
2019 Winner of the „Reclaim Award“
2018 Winner of Life Framer Photography Award – “Open Call“
2018 Winner of Life Framer Photography Award – “The Face of the Earth“

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