The Trash Book©

The Trash Book© is an editorial project that reflects our “not so clean”
way to explore cities and try to understand their communities, with all
their complexities and different manners of living within their own areas.

The book looks to open a dialogue and be an x-ray of the idiosyncrasies of
different societies around the world.

We have a wishlist of cities that we would love to visit, walk and pick up
some nasty garbage from their streets. As any idea, we need funds to carry
out our plan. So, we are looking for crowdfunding’s support to try and
spread the idea and get enough to fund and produce the rest of the books we
have in mind.

New York is the project´s first victim. While living there, we collected
newyorkers garbage from different neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn,
Queens and The Bronx. The book was made and bound exclusively with waste
material found on the streets.

The Trash Book© of New York is a tour through different cultures, american
consumerism and capitalism all living together in the most cosmopolitan
city of the world.

Projekt von

Ivo Pallucchini

Editorial Design
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