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Christin Marczinzik

Designer für interaktive Medien

Hi, I’m Christin. I’m an interaction and multimedia designer with passion for creating ideas, concepts and designs with the use of cutting edge technology to evoke great reactions and emotions in people. To achieve satisfaction, excite and astound people with unique design solutions by using all their senses is my personal goal. Therefore I’m experimenting with different kinds of technologies, programs and methods. At last I’ve been concentrating on designing immersive experiences for virtual and augmented reality. My new heart project is my award-winning start-up, which I founded with the wonderful Thi Binh Minh Nguyen A.MUSE – Interactive Design Studio. Recently we were honoured by the German government for our visions, achievements and entrepreneurial personality as one of the 32 most innovative and most creative start-ups in Germany with the title "Kultur- und Kreativpiloten 2019“ (Culture- & Creative Pilots).