Covestro – Customer Journey

Covestro is a globally operating group that developes, produces and sells polymer materials for industry. In order to make it easier for industrial customers to choose from the wide range of materials, a system has been developed in which Covestro’s customers can better compare products and their specifications. The ‘Amazon’ for polymer materials. Covestro’s Customer Journey project was a particular challenge,

as it has not only been published in several languages, but also addresses different target groups. As early as in the conception phase, attention has been paid to ensure that the film will meet these requirements. The middle section consists of an elaborate animation that shows how the web-based tool, the Covestro Solution Center, works. In order to achieve the highest possible degree of authenticity,

Covestro’s participating employees were allowed to explain the special features of the tool. After all, who could do this better than those who developed the tool? This part of the film was also made available to the customer as a single sequence and can therefore be used for trade fairs or presentations and also works without sound. A new and modern way of communication of the developed platform.

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Fabian Bien

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