Table tennis

Sanduhren und andere Zeitmesser

This is what TV is like. In Japan.

John Pawson on stage at Royal Opera House

Online Designmagazin dezeen berichtet ueber "John Pawson on stage at Royal Opera House". Pawson’s stage design consisted of a simple, articulated white backdrop with an illuminated rectangular void set into it.Pawson describes the project as


Zaragoza Digital Mile

transmediale 07

"Festival für Kunst und digitale Kultur 2007: 31. Jan - 4. Feb. Die transmediale erkundet auch in ihrem 20. Jahr, wie sich Kunst und Gesellschaft verändern unter dem Einfluss von Medien und Technologien, die in unserem Alltag mit


Book: Audio-Visual Art and VJ Culture

Blau bei Kaelte

Satellite Films by Thomas Traum

 "I started off by being totally blown away by I wanted to make a "satellite film" travelling over endless landsacpes, a flight for hours over different kind of landscapes, zooming out and diving back in stopping and observing and


For rainy days: The Flickr Umbrella

"The Pileus System is a mobile tangible browser to make rainy days fun. The system is constructed by the Pileus Umbrella and the Pileus WebService. User can see and take a photo and video with the PileusUmbrella. User can hand on own experience in


Colour by Numbers

"Colour by Numbers is a 72 meters high light installation at Telefonplan in Stockholm, Sweden. The installation will be inaugurated on October 23 and will shine during evenings and nights until January 7. Under live video you can see a live video image


Streetart by Ossário

“Eine grausame Welt”


Filmfestival Cottbus

"FilmFestival Cottbus – Festival des osteuropäischen Films• das führende Festival des osteuropäischen Films• jährlich repräsentativer Überblick über die aktuelle Spielfilmproduktion des gesamten



"The World's first screen to be made of concrete It is made from see-through concrete - and it is heavy. Innovation Lab presents of the heaviest screens in the world. It is heavy due to its physique, but in particular due to the endless number of


A few tunes for the weekend

When Album Covers Attack

Schnurloses Telefonieren