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Roswitha Ziegler


Monotype is a leading global provider of type, technology and expertise, enabling optimal user experiences and brand integrity. We offer one of the world's largest and most highly regarded typeface libraries, as well as innovative solutions that bring the power of type to life. We help creative professionals distinguish their work by employing exceptional type and advanced technologies in service to their imaginations. We are also leaders in enterprise publishing environments and Web fonts. Our sales and marketing team is a talented crew that’s finding innovative ways of communicating the value of type to people working at the crossroads of design and technology. We stage and deliver memorable, transformational event experiences like our Type Reinvented series, the AIGA Century exhibition and TYPO Berlin. We create award-winning publications like The Monotype Recorder to celebrate the art and craft of typography. And we develop webinars and educational eBooks to attract and inspire new customers.