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Lazy Snail

Creative Director Art

Lazy snail is an awarded branding agency with offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Heraklion, Greece. We specialize in visual identity, and communication design. We generate progressive and effective design concepts to reach people through various media. This is why we first identify the opportunity for our clients and then translate it into a brand strategy that serves as a guide for, and link between, naming, design, photography and communication. Our presence in Denmark and Greece, two very different markets and cultures, ensures that our work speaks in many languages and can be successful, irrespective of geographical location. The agency has taken on assignments across Europe, North America and Asia. Our clients include the private and public sectors, non-profit organizations and numerous cultural initiatives. Lazy snail was founded in 2004 and is co-owned by Greek graphic designer Ioanna Drakaki Weylandt and Danish photographer Jannik Weylandt. The team includes professionals specializing in graphic design, illustration, marketing strategy and client service, as well as various project-based affiliates.