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Ju Schnee


Ju Schnee is an interdisciplinary illustrator and visual artist based in Berlin. Her work is extremely bright and colorful, energetic and vibrant. It ran- ges from digital illustration and motion design, to real life 3D installations and murals. Ju always works in an abstract way, combining her typical sha- pes with mutliple media. „I am in love with shapes, colors and textures. Bauhaus, Memphis, Japanese Graphic Design and Surrealism were the most formative movements for my work. That’s why I work mostly with abstract and vibrant elements. Wether it’s an animation, a mural or an installation. I incorporate my shapes in every piece of my work. For me it’s magical to tell a story just with abstract elements and special textures.“ Ju Schnee‘s murals can be find in Berlin, Barcelona or NYC. Selected Clients: Adidas, Kellogg's, Marriott Hotels, Nike, The Washington Post