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Hunt frankhuntapp


As a graphic designer, I am engaged in the creation of the corporate style of the company, or, using the modern term, the identity of the firm, that is, the development of a logo, color scale, and font. My work is my life. A well-done job leads only to success in a career. I have experience in advertising. I made a design for the site As well as all designers I can draw by hand and I will understand in programs of 3D-modeling. Design can attract attention only for a minute, and can flash before your eyes. If you look around you will see many examples: product labels, packaging, book covers, television screensavers, magazines and billboards - all this creates a graphic designer. The scale of the project, over which the graphic designer works, can be as small as a postage stamp, or global - navigational design for a whole state. It is in my profession that we can help sell an idea or a product. Creation of the corporate style of the company, branding, packaging has recently become more and more in demand on the market. The graphic design industry changes very quickly, the specialist must be able to perform many tasks and have the skills to work in many areas.