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Dikla Stern

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Grafikdesignstudium am Institut Avni - Hochschule für Kunst und Design in Tel Aviv 1999-2003. Anschließend folgt ein Studium in Kommunikations-design auf M.A. an der Hochschule für Technik und Gestaltung in Mannheim. Schwerpunkt und Abschluss ist in den Fächern Medienwissenschaft und Philosophie bei Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedrich 2005-2007. Heute freischaffender Künstler und Grafiker in Berlin. Arbeiten befinden sich bei Dipolomaten, Sammlern, Privatpersonen, Firmen und Galerien in Deutschland, Israel, Luxemburg, Schweiz, Frankreich und USA. +++ Dikla Stern's works show us the perception of the environment as a complex process that unites intuitive, emotional and intellectual aspects. They make us think about how we perceive the outside world, how the atmosphere, how we observe and conclude. It always leads back to self-reflection. Our interpretations also shape our view of the world. A recurrent process, repeating itself over and over again, never ending, continuously being reopened. ... As a critical contemporary, Dikla Stern works up current topics and issues and reflects the influence of media, politics and history on the individual. Her vivid and attentive esprit and her German-Jewish background draw her awareness to social phenomena in particular. As a loner, not belonging to any group, and as a free spirit anchored in arts, she takes an individual path, which is permanently being reinvented. In the course ...