Smart EQ City Diaries Berlin

Smart (daimler) will be bringing out more electric cars in the future and will just focus on E-mobility. Therefore they created a campaign called “city diaries” focussing on people living in the city. I was honored to spend some days with the crew and not only paint a car, but also be one of the testimonials for the campaign.They followed me around Berlin, through my main working areas and my everyday life.
My visual for the car was supposed to feel dynamic and alectrified. I tried to combine some essential elements from E-mobility with my unique style. I not only painted the visual on the car, I also created an animation which was then used as a projection in the video.
The video was shown on their Social Media channels.And no – unfortunately I could not keep the car 😭

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Ju Schnee

Illustration, Illustrator, Visual Design
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