Porsche Tamcan 936

fictitious campaign concept // master first semester

We would all want our children to be healthy and happy. But how do we define “happy”? Does happiness presuppose that a child is pretty and smart – or is happy much more like “perfect”?

We are in the midst of a human genetic revolution on the best way to Homo Sapiens 2.0, which is closely linked to the so-called designer baby. This defines our model or desired child in which we can choose and decide the appearance and character. Through optimization we are able to create a completely new version of the human being and thus also change its nature. “Luxury is not the opposite of poverty, but the opposite of ordinariness” (Coco Chanel) — and who of us wants our child to be “ordinary”? We strive for specialness and almost perfection. According to that a “special” child is also desirable — perhaps the luxury designer baby?

Porsche AG can be described as a “diva” (Star & Diva principle by Verena König) and thus belongs to the luxury segment of the brand world. Among many other worlds of the brand, the new luxury experience world “Porsche Insan” was created. It opens up an unprecedented, individual experience for customers, providing relief, convenience and comfort at special stages of life. Porsche Insan comprises the models in the Porsche Tamcan 936 line and the Insan physical experience center. All products have a constant possibility of development and growth. They guarantee new experiences and variety in the everyday life of customers.