My Personal Coffin was a project brought to life by the Berlin agency Heimat for ‘Bundesverband Deutscher Bestatter e.V.’ (BDB) and the Central Association of German Crafts (ZDH).Nowadays everything can be personalized – sneakers, fashion, home decor. Only when it comes to the topic death there seems to be no need for personalization. The topic is a taboo in our society. Together with other amazing artists such as Emily Eldridge or Eike König we wanted to strive for a new, contemporary relationship to death. For the My Coffin campaign, we individualized unique coffins for public figures. I had the honor to customize the coffin of tattoo artist Philipp Eid (@theserottendays), Eike König did it for H-Blockx founder Henning Wehland, Evelyn Weigert designing a coffin for her friend Ronja von Rönne and Emily Eldridge customized it for the moderator Jochen Schropp.
In short portraits the we tell why we want to break with the taboo and invite our Instagram community with appropriate postings to discourse on a more open and progressive farewell culture. The aim of the action is to get out of his niche and encourage people to face death more openly. The message is so important and honest – especially in the otherwise glittering Instagram world of fashion, make-up and avocado toast.

The coffins were auctioned on Ebay on April 13th. The proceeds will be donated by the ‘Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund’ (ASB).
Find out more about the project and watch all the videos and interviews with the other artists and me on the Instagram Account @mypersonalcoffin.

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Ju Schnee

Illustration, Illustrator, Visual Design
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