Design in urban conflicts

Creation of a neighborhood newspaper about a famous square in Berlin-Kreuzberg called Kottbusser Tor. Unfortunately, « Kotti » is mostly known for its number of crimes and the drug addicts. The neighborhood is torn apart between a bad reputation and a heavy gentrification process happening since a few years. In order to question these stereotypes and the myths, we made a big research, doing interviews with neighbors, Berliners and tourists. The magazine is only a small summary of those discussions. But it mostly was a good opportunity to raise questions and open the debate on city politics and the future of this neighborhood and the city of Berlin.
Project realized during a 3 months class at HTW in collaboration with: Adrienne Stöppler, Anna Karmann, Chiara Hoffmann, Elena Rankova, Franziska Bartsch, Hanna Günther, Judith Sachs, Leonard Schill, Mara Wiedenhöft, Melanie Lueft, Ulrike Ulbricht, and guided by Sandy Kaltenborn from and Pierre Maïté from

Photos: Pierre Maïté