Adidas OZWEEGO Future Studio

In August 2019 Adidas not only brought out the new OZWEEGO, but for this very occasion they also teamed up with eleven artists to create something for the future. I was honored to be one of these artists.So, together with Girls Are Awesome they created a space – The Future Studio – for us. The purpose was to promote the latest in Adidas footwear but also enable young creators in music, fashion and visual art to showcase original and self-made projects that tie into the theme.We were invited to ‘mess with the past, and in doing so, create something for the future’. On the 8th of August an exhibition took place, where we all could showcase our projects.
My project was a huge mobile.
For this project I stepped back from one format and brought my shapes to real life. My mobile symbolizes our role in the world and in the future. „If we want to change something for the future, we have to be a part of it and not just watch it happen“. The mobile symbolizes our little bubble, in which we live and get cozy.It’s time to step out of that bubble and get things going.The mobile was built in one week during the Future Studio in the apartment. For the exhibition a week later, it came down into the garden, where the party took place. I the night it was illuminated by several lights and supported by several disco balls, so the light got reflected in the shapes. Also integrated was one LED neon tube.
Find out more about the week in the Future Studio here and about the exhibition here.