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Thomas Gasperlmair


// graphic design // illustration // everything visual around your projects Commercial works for a small agency called for companies like neos, Patheon fine chemicals, Linz AG, Guade Kuchl Hausmannskost Lieferservice, Vitalakademie, Landwirtschaftskammer OÖ, Schmiedl Armaturen, humana Österreich, OÖNachrichten and others Posters for KAPU Linz, ARENA Vienna, VENSTER99 Vienna and others for shows of White Miles, Meek is murder, Svalbard, Arabrot, Downfall of Gaia, Archivist, Dirty Fences, Dead Meadow, Mars Red Sky, Entrance Band, Sex Jams, Light Bearer, OvO, Withers, Obliterations, Mile me deaf, Unhold, Orphan, Generation of Vipers, Nine Eleven, I not dance, Olten, Moro Moro Land, Heat, Death Alley, Closet Disco Queen, Elder, Bloody Phoenix, Suns of Thyme, Kyrest, Leechfeast, Travellin Jack, Joy, Monachus, Severe, The Cyborgs, The Heavy Minds, Zaum!, Franz Strosuk, Dead End Friends and others - part of LÜRZERS' ARCHIVE 200 BEST ILLUSTRATORS WORLDWIDE EDITION 2016